R Graphics with ggplot2

Vinu CT
14 Sep 2012

A glimpse on Sachin's ODI scores

R Graphics with ggplot2

Vinu CT
14 Sep 2012
A glimpse on Sachin's ODI scores


  • Introduction
  • ggplot2 Components
    1. Data
    2. Aesthetic Mappings
    3. Geoms, Stats, Scales, coordinate system, and positions
    4. Faceting
    5. Themes
  • Publication Level Graphics
  1. Experience with R
  2. Idea about different Graphical representations
  3. Basic Statistics Knowledege
  4. Some knowledge about Cricket

(Bring your laptop with R installed.)

GGPLOT2: Introduction
  1. Produces very elegant graphics
  2. Very flexible and Plot specification at a high level of abstraction
  3. Very friendly email list (google group).
  4. Worth investing time in.
  5. Syntax takes a while to get used to.
  6. Relatively slow.
R Graphics Options
  1. Base Graphics
  2. Grid Graphics
  3. Lattice Graphics
  4. ggplot2



s10 <- read.csv(file="http://www.iimb.ernet.in/~vinuct10/ggplot/sachin.csv")
## Subsetting the dataset based on few dismissal
s10a <- subset(s10,Dismissal %in% c("bowled", "caught", "lbw","not out"))
s10a$Inns <- factor(s10a$Inns)
X StartDate Runs BF SR Pos Dismissal Inns Opposition Ground result Score
450 450 2012-03-13 6 19 31.57 2 caught 1 v Sri Lanka Dhaka won 304/3
451 451 2012-03-16 114 147 77.55 2 caught 1 v Bangladesh Dhaka lost 289/5
452 452 2012-03-18 52 48 108.33 2 caught 2 v Pakistan Dhaka won 330/4


Mapping aesthetics (position, size, color etc.)

Ball faced Vs Strike Rate by countries
s10c <- subset(s10,Opposition %in% c("v Australia","v South Africa","v New Zealand")  )


geom_smooth(aes(x=BF,y=SR,colour=Opposition )) + xlab("Ball Faced") + ylab("Runs Scored")

Geoms and Stats

## Examples of geoms: line,point,box,bar,... 
s10b <- subset(s10,result %in% c("won", "lost") & Opposition %in% c("v Australia","v South Africa","v New Zealand"))
s10b$result <- factor(s10b$result)
s10b$opp <- factor(s10b$Opposition)
ggplot(s10b,aes(opp,Runs))+geom_violin(aes(fill=opp)) require(chron) qplot(x=factor(years(StartDate)), y=Runs, geom="boxplot", fill=I("blue"), data=s10b)+ xlab("Year")

## Examples of stats: smooth, boxplot,... qplot(Runs, data=s10b,fill=result, geom=c("histogram")) qplot(Runs, data=s10b,colour=result,geom=c("density")) ggplot(data=s10b)+geom_point(aes(x=BF,y=Runs ))+ geom_line(data=s10,aes(BF,BF))+geom_smooth(aes(x=BF,y=Runs )) + xlab("Ball Faced") + ylab("Runs Scored")


## Scales 
ggplot(data=s10b)+geom_point(aes(x=BF,y=Runs,colour=result))+ scale_colour_manual(values=c("lost"="red","won"="green"))
ggplot(data=s10b)+geom_point(aes(x=BF,y=Runs,size=result,shape=result))+ scale_size_manual(values=c("lost"=5,"won"=3))+ scale_shape_manual(values=c("lost"=15,"won"=25))
ggplot(data=s10b)+geom_point(aes(x=BF,y=Runs,colour=result))+ scale_colour_discrete(name="Parinaam",labels=c("lost"="HAAR","won"="JEET"))


## Facets 
s10c= subset(s10,(Opposition %in% c("v Australia","v England","v South Africa","v Sri Lanka")) & (result %in% c("lost", "won")) )
s10c$yr= cut(as.numeric(format(as.Date(s10c$StartDate), format="%Y")),4)
qplot(data=s10c, factor(Inns),fill=result,geom="bar",position="fill",facets= Opposition~yr)


## Themes 
s10a <- subset(s10,Dismissal %in% c("bowled", "caught", "lbw","not out"))
s10a$Dismissal <- factor(s10a$Dismissal)
s10a$Inns <- factor(s10a$Inns)
qplot( data=s10a, Dismissal, geom="bar",fill=Inns)
qplot( data=s10a, Dismissal, geom="bar",fill=Inns)+theme_bw()
qplot( data=s10a, Dismissal, geom="bar",fill=Inns)+theme(panel.background = element_rect(fill="lightblue") )
qplot( data=s10a, Dismissal, geom="bar",fill=Inns)+ theme(plot.background= element_rect(fill="yellow"),panel.background= element_rect(fill='purple'))

Devices in R

  • Raster: png(), jpeg(), bitmap()
  • Vector: pdf(), postscript(),svg(),cairo_ps()
  • On-screen devices: X11, X11cairo, windows, JavaGD, quartz (OS X)
  • Packages: rgl (OpenGL), GDD (bitmap formats), RSvgDevice, canvas (HTML canvas), RSVGTipsDevice, tikzDevice (Latex).
Important factor for preparing publication level graphics

Width, height, font, and resolution

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